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Vaqueros Participate in USMC Combat Fitness Training

By Irvine Football, 06/29/18, 10:45AM PDT



The CFT assesses a Marine’s functional fitness as it relates to the demands of fighting and winning battles. There are three exercises that must be completed to the standards of the Marine Corps to pass the CFT: Movement to Contact, Ammunition Lift and Maneuver Under Fire.

1. Movement to Contact: 
A timed, 880-yard sprint tests each Marine’s endurance, mimicking the stresses of running under pressure in battle.

2. Ammunition Lift
Marines must lift a 30-pound ammunition can overhead until elbows lock out. The goal is to lift the can as many times as possible in a set amount of time.

3. Maneuver Under Fire
Marines must complete a 300-yard course that combines a variety of battle-related challenges including crawls, ammunition resupply, grenade throwing, agility running, and the dragging and carrying of another Marine. 

Click HERE and HERE to see pictures from the event.